Monday, July 5, 2010

Eileen and a Freebie

Well - this kit has been awhile in coming - i have wanted to do something like this for awhile now and I finally got around to it!

Meet my oldest daughter - Eileen. She is a sweet little angel sent to me from heaven. She is a big helper, she has a sweet temperament, a sensitive nature and LOVES to learn. She loves princesses, crocheting, reading, ladybugs and butterflies and flowers. Her favorite color is pink! She loves to try and be like her mommy and at only 5 years old does a remarkable job of it! This picture is of her crocheting. :)

And this is the kit she inspired... I had a hard time stopping! This kit was a labor of love - and I LOVE how it turned out! Hope you enjoy it too! Each image is linked to the page in the store where you can snag it!
You can also pick up the coordinating Cardstocks, and CU vector images. Also check back later this week for the coordinating QP's - my CT has done an amazing job with this kit and the QP's are well worth snagging!
Check out what my CT has done with this! They are amazing!!!
Now for a freebie!! LOL - ya knew it was coming!! Click on the image to grab it! You will need to register at STS - I'm rather sick and tired of 4shared and a bit tired of putting soo much work into freebies for people who don't seem to care or appreciate it.


Stefani M. said...

Well, I love all your freebies, but I must admit that after hassling with 4shared to even GET the downloads, I'm too mentally pooped to leave a comment 99% of the time. (Like, for everyone who did a blog train contribution... zippo comments from me... it took me HOURS and HOURS to get all that stuff downloaded = too mentally drained) But THANKS for your cute add-on!

Mommy Me Time Scrapper said...

Love your kit, and the story behind it, it's so special!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no plz don't feel that way. Ppl certainly do appreciate your gorgeous gifts. I think it's that we are all pressed for time.. and soooo many wonderful gifts to get .. that we try to run to the next one and get it before it's gone. In our haste .. I think we forget to say our thank ya's!!! Trust me on this one.. I think there are soooooo many guilty of this.. even other designers. Just my two cents. ;)

Thannnnnnnnnnk you.. plz have faith in all who snag up your lovely gifts.. WE LOVE THEM!!! :)

....... Kerri

Brittney said...

De, this kit is GORGEOUS! I love the colors, excellent job, your CT really showed it off! :D And thanks for the freebie!

Lynna said...

Thanks so much for your beautiful freebie! This kit is gorgeous and you can tell it is just packed with love! :-)

Vanessa said...

Cute add on. Thanks for the freebie. I'm bad about not leaving love for every designer, so sorry about that. Love your stuff. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

love it thanks!

Karen said...

Thanks for the add-on freebie. Beautiful colors in this kit!

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