Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Scrapping

Had fun scrapping this weekend. I tried to link most of the kits up to where you can snag them if you want. LOL - now I think I need to go to bed so I can survive tomorrow....

Imagination Creation by Flergs and Stolen Moments DesignsDress up Time by B2N2 Scraps and Getting Scrappy with Britt.
Sunny Daffodils by Flower Scraps. Template by Chrissy W
Hop Right To It by IBDDesigns
Lullaby and Goodnight by Flower Scraps - Template by Angie Kovaks
Falling by Scrappy Cocoa

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skate Party Freebie!

Ok - so the winner of the contest... The number of elements in the kit is 31 - so the winner is French Fry and Tater Tot - Email me at flowerscrap(at)gmail(dot)com or pm me at the STS forum and I will send you your code to snag this kit! And for those of you who haven't checked the kit out yet - here is the full preview, with a link to the store and of course a couple freebie clusters! With a special HUGE thanks to Pixiemama designs for her Stringers Clusters.

And just click the image to download the freebie - and leave some love if you do!

Awesome Fall Deal!

Y'all gotta check out this awesome deal from Nibbles Skribbles and Scrappy Cocoa - Grab 2 AWESOME kits for only $4.00 - but this is for a limited time only - so snag it now while you can!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skate Party

I have been wanting to make this kit for awhile. My oldest daughter loves rollerskating. Her school does parties a couple times a year at a local rollerskating rink. She LOVES it! When I went with her I was amused to see that the decor of the rink was in the same style as the one I went to as a kid - bright neon 80's color and all! So this kit is dedicated to all those old roller rinks out there and the fond childhood memories they inspired. :) Skate City is available today - and I will announce the winner tomorrow, along with a freebie... sigh.... It's been a long day!!

Anyway - click on the image to go check it out at my store - and don't forget to check out my new crafting blog. :)

Calling all Crafters!

Ummm - so because I don't have enough other things going on in my life and because I like to make more work for myself.... I have started a new blog. This blog is dedicated to my Crocheting and Sewing. I will be showing of my projects, discussing patterns I have used and their strengths and weaknesses. I may even be sharing patters of my own some day...if I ever finish any of them. Anyway - if you want to see my new little side project check out my new blog here

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sneak Peek and a Contest

First of all - I wanted to show you the beautiful LO's my CT has pulled together for me with Birthday Girl. If you missed this kit - you can now snag it at my store!

These first two are from Thao

The next two are from Ginger
And this one is from Brooke - these ladies are awesome!! Plus a sneak peek of my newest kit - coming out later this week (hopefully! LOL - this week is going to be insane - so I will get it in as soon as I have time!!!) If you would like a chance to win this kit - leave a comment here with your guess as to the number of elements! Closest guess wins! This game will run through when ever i get the kit in the store..... Probably Thursday! :) Good luck!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've been Scrapping!

Well I've been having some fun scrapping pics of my cute kiddos. I also have re-organized the way I keep my templates - I look for templates based on the number of pictures I want to have in my LO - so I have been going through and re-arranging them by that system, so I have had lots of fun using templates this week :)

This LO was done using a template by Andrea Gold and the kit Summer Nights by Nibbles Skribbles - this kit is retiring soon - so grab it for cheap before it's gone forever!!

This one uses Book Talk by Pixie Mama Designs. I love the colors of this kit and the theme is books - but can be used for so much more!

This LO was done with "A Girl Thing" from Nibbles Skribbles, using a template from Angie Kovacs

This was done with Birthday Girl by me, using a template from Chrissy W.

This one was also done with Birthday Girl by me, and uses a template from Scrappy Cocoa

This one uses Lullaby and Goodnight by me. My two youngest are now sharing a room together - one side is blue with a blue covered bed, and the other side is pink - so this LO was spawned :)

Heehee - well I've been busy - and I'm not quite done yet, but I'll end the post here for now! Night peeps - and check back tomorrow for a contest and some more fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flower Scraps Scavenger Hunt

Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME!
lol - umm ok - anyway - Here is the first of 2 challenges that you can complete to get the second part of Birthday Girl. You only need to do one of the two in order to get the prize.

The challenge today is a scavenger hunt through my store. I'm going to give you a list of things to find - and you find them in my store, then email me the list of where you found them. **Just a little tip - to get a better view of the previews - the best way to do it is to right click on the image and select "Open link in a new tab"

For each thing on the list - find a product that contains that item!

1. A Fairy
2. A Tree
3. A Pumpkin
4. Two alphas in one product
5. A Boat
6. A Barcode
7. Numbers (not in the alpha - but in the preview)
8. A Sunshine
9. A Crown
10. Plaid Paper

Email me your list at flowerscrap(at)gmail(dot)com

There are mulitple answers to most of these - you only need to find and list one for each number. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me. Also, don't forget to participate over at the forum to get Part 1 of Birthday Girl!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday SALE!

No I'm not turning 40 - only 32, but i rounded up :P So enjoy and happy shopping!!!!
Just click on the image to head over to my store!

Birthday Fun and a Freebie!

This week is full of fun stuff - it's my birthday this week - and my daughter's birthday too. I've made a Birthday kit for y'all - but you are going to have to do some scrapping to get it!! So here is a preview of the entire kit and here is how you can get it!

Part 1: Part one can be obtained by doing the Featured Designer Challenge at the STS forum.
Part 2: Part two can be obtained by doing one of the challenges featured on my blog this week.
Part 3: Part three will be sent out to my newsletter subscribers at the end of this week.

Also, just to get your appetite wet - here is the coordinating cardstock - So be sure to check out the challenge in the forum, and stop by all week for lots of fun! This download and the chance to get this kit for free are for THIS WEEK ONLY!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Fun and Freebies

Hey everyone - this coming week has LOTS of fun stuff coming - so keep your eyes out for fun and prizes and all sorts of good things that come when IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Heehee - next week contains both my birthday and my youngest daughter's birthday - and I've got some fun stuff planned, both here and at STS - so stay tuned!! Freebies will abound!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rookie Behind the Wheel

So I had some pictures of my kids pretending to drive the car, and needed something to scrap the pictures with. I was browsing through the store and came across this kit. It was perfect. Fun enough that I can use it with my kids pictures, but not so kiddie that you can't use it for older drivers. The kit is easy to work with and has tons of fun elements. You can click on the image to check it out in the store.

I did this LO with the pictures and the kit and I also used a template from Scrappy Cocoa. I just love that little stop light element! Check out this great kit!