Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas in July

It's Christmas in July at Stuff to Scrap - grab those kits you have had your eyes on for 30% off! Just click on the AD to go shopping!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day on the Lake

Well I had a ton of fun making this kit and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I have. I pulled the colors for this kit straight from pictures I took this summer of my family out on the boat.
This kit was literally created as I scrapped pictures I had taken - when I wanted an elements or type of paper for a LO - I made it and threw it in the kit! I have already used this kit more times than any other kit I have made - and have many more plans for it!

The best part of this is that for TODAY only - all the pieces of this kit are only 2.00

Also - the winner -as selected from is comment number 1 - email me at flowerscrap(at)gmail(dot)com for the coupon code.

Here is a bunch of inspiration. My CT really did a great job with this - and I threw a few of my LO's on the end there (LOL - not all of them - didn't think you wanted to be here all day!!)
Also - I've got a little freebie for you - snag this little cluster and have fun! Click on the image to download and leave some love if you snag it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's up with me...

Ok - Here's a quick sneak peek of the kit that will be coming out on Tuesday. Leave a guess here as to the theme and I will pick a winner on Tuesday!

Also - some news on the personal side. I am expecting a new addition to our not-so-little family. Baby # 5 is due to arrive around mid-January. So if I have been a bit absent - go figure but between traveling, morning sickness and having all 4 kids out of school has been squashing my scrap time!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well we are home now and are readjusting to normal life :P All my pictures and scrapping resulted in a new kit for you - so hopefully look for that in a week or so. I love the kit and I'm very excited about it and hope you like it too. :)

Steph of Scrappy Cocoa has been participating in a designer competition and has made some fabulous kits for it - here are a couple layouts with those kits - Check out the competition entries HERE

And here are a couple layouts with two of her entries. I love how creative and unique her elements are!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hey everyone - don't forget to check out the big 4th of July Sale going on at STS right now! Head on over and grab awesome stuff at awesome prices!

Oh and if y'all have been wondering what happened to me - well I've been on vacation!! LOL - having a great time and doing not much of anything useful (unless you count getting a tan useful.) So check out the sale and hopefully I will have a bunch of LO's to post for you when I get back!

Happy Scrapping!