Friday, February 28, 2014

3-2-1 Sale

Don't miss the 3-2-1 CU sale going on now - grab some of my personal favorites for only 2.00!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Love My Dog

This fun kit has been a LONG time in the making - Nibbles Skribbles and I had been talking about doing this and getting bits done on it for over a year now,  but for some reason or another we just couldn't make it come together in our minds.... We wanted to do a big kit about all kinds of pets - instead it's morphed into a series of kits about different pets.  This month's pet is dogs!!  We had a lot of fun once we finally figured out exactly what we wanted to do and did it!  In fact, once I got going, I had a hard time stopping!!  Hope all you dog lovers out there enjoy this kit as much as I enjoyed making it!

Our CT's did an amazing job with this!!  

And I had some fun too - I have 5 kids and so right now I don't have the attention to give to a dog too - so we are currently (mostly) pet-less (we do have a fish.... well my dd has a fish)  But my sister has the CUTEST and SWEETEST little yorkie that I got to hang out with last summer while visiting and I got some fun pics of him - and this was a perfect chance to scrap them!!

And a fun little freebie for you!  Click the image to snag it!