Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Festival Blog Train

It's time for the Stuff to Scrap blog train!! We've got a fall themed kit this time to get you into the new season. Anyway- grab my part then head on down the train for lots of fun goodies!!

Download HERE

Here is what my CT did with my part! They ROCK!!!





Here are the links - happy downloading!!!

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Up and coming stuff for you!!!

First off - starting tomorrow - I'm marking "Primary Colors" down to $2.00!! This mark down is for the entire month of September - then this kit will be RETIRING!!! So in honor of it's imminent retirement and the new school year, you can either get Primary colors for half off - or you can buy "The Old Academy" and get it for FREE!! Now many of you picked that kit up last week as a freebie - but if you missed it - now is a great time to grab it since you get 2 FULL kits for the price of 1!!! The coupon code for this great deal is DJFS_B2School This coupon is good for the whole month of September!

Also I have signed up for the SAS-y lady contest over at Stone Accent Studios! So hopefully there will be bunches of freebies coming your way from that! I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and learning and having FUN!! :)

Finally don't forget to check back tomorrow for the STS forum blog train and even more news!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Old Academy QP

Alright - here is the QP for The Old Academy. Made from the LO I did with it earlier. Hope ya'all enjoy it and be sure to stop by next week for some serious fun!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Old Academy Alpha

Haha - so I happen to LOVE this alpha!! I hope you enjoy it too! Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for the QP! Next week is the beginning of LOTS of big stuff. First of all on the first of course is the STS blog train, I've got a fun little fall mini for you as part of that.

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So here's your first taste of some of the FUN things that will be going on in September!! At STS we are doing a dream kit challenge. This will be a kit made by the designers at Stuff to Scrap as directed by YOU. You tell us what you want and we make it!!! Check out the flier below and click on it to go to the forum for more details!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TOA Elements and a Speed Scrap

Alrighty!!! I've got the elements for The Old Academy here for you today! Make sure you stop back by tomorrow for the Alpha (which I happen to think is VERY cute!) :) There's lots of fun stuff in here - I found the cutest measuring tape ribbon at my local craft store and had some fun with it for this kit - so i hope you like those! I also dug through my old school supplies for some of these elements. Haha my DH thinks I'm crazy!! (he just smiles and nods and tells me I'm cute!) Although when you guys see what I've got coming in September you will probably all think I'm crazy too!! Any way - more on that later!!! :) (heehee I'm just teasing you now!)

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Check out this LO from Lina (who is amazing - she just had a baby this month and still keeps sending me LO's!! She Rocks!

Last but not least - we have a speed scrap over at Stuff to Scrap - so come join the fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Old Academy Plain Papers

Here are the plain papers I promised! Thanks so much for all your SWEET comments!! It's late here, so i'm gonna go snuggle up in bed and get some much needed shut-eye!! Enjoy and come back tomorrow for the elements and some fun news!! HOLY COW where did AUGUST GO!!!!!

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I've also got another fun LO from my CT - this is from Janice. She created it for the recipe challenge over at Stuff to Scrap. Catch ya tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Old Academy

This weeks freebie is in honor of the upcoming school year. It's called "The Old Academy" and has tons of fun elements and some great colors that will work well for older students and younger students! Please leave some love if you download it!! haha - lots of love = lots of freebies!!!! :)

Some fun LO's from my CT that really show the versatility of the kit and show off some of the fun elements!!


Me!!! I did this for the Word of the Week Challenge at Stuff to Scrap last week and couldn't resist using my kit! It's my cute little girl on her last day of preschool!

So today you get the patterned papers - and check back tomorrow for the plain papers. Enjoy and happy Scrapping!!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad to the Bone Paper Pack

Ok - i've got another freebie for you today. It's a Paper Pack that coordinated with Bad to the Bone. Grab it and then be sure to check out the full kit at the store. Remember the sale goes through tomorrow - so don't miss it! Also don't foget to send me LO's done with my kits for a chance at a 50% off coupon to my store!

Download HERE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

GREAT Deal!!!

Ok for the next two days you can Buy Nibbles Skribbles Store for only $15 Get her AWESOME kits and template for and incredible deal!! Wish her a happy anniversary in style!! Click on the image to get to her store and check out the awesome stuff there! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad to the Bone QP

First of all - I want to say thanks to all those who have left helpful comments about vehicles! We probably will be going with a mini van - simply because it's more practical for our family, now I guess I just gotta get out there and test drive some! :)

Now I've got a QP for you from my new kit in the store "Bad to the Bone" Grab this freebie - check out the kit in the store and check back later this week for more freebies!!

Funny story - the first time I met my DH was at a friends house and she "suggested" he give me a ride home on his bike. (So I didn't have to walk home alone at night) So when it was time to go - he led me out to his "hot rod" - a 1979 Suzuki....25cc scooter!!! LOL - the thing could hardly get the two of us moving!! (and neither of us is very big...well i'm not when I'm not pregnant anyway!!!!) But it was still fun and I still got to put my arms around him - though he didn't exactly give me reason to 'hold on tight'!

Anyway - just me reminicing! Enjoy the QP!!

Download HERE

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad to the Bone

I've got an awesome new kit in the store today called Bad to the Bone. This grungy masculine kit was inspired by an awesome lady at the One Single Seed Forum. (Thanks Nancy!!!) and my sweet hubby! Many of the elements are from my hubby's tool chest! :) Anyway - go check it out - since it's 30% off this week only at Stuff to Scrap!! Click on the image to take you there!

My CT has done a fabulous job with the kit!! Check them out - then come back later this week for a QP and some fun coordinating freebies!


(how did she get such a CUTE LO from such a manly kit!!!!)

$2.00 Tuesdays

First up - $2.00 Tuesdays are now for TUESDAY ONLY!! So make sure you head on over to snatch up these awesome kits at discount TODAY!! :) This Tuesday the two kits in my store going to only $2.00 (actually less because of the sale!!!!) are
"Memories of the Orient" and "Beach House" Click on the image to go to the $2.oo Tuesday Section of the Store! (and with the sale - that comes out to ONLY $1.40)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Speed Scrap

Yup there's another Speed Scrap at Stuff to Scrap! Tomorrow afternoon join us in the forum for fun and scrapping! The participation prize is a surprise - so come play and find out! :P
Now for those of you who actually read this stuff, we have a new baby coming in one month and we have to get a new vehicle. We just can't cram any more car seats into the back of a 5 passenger Nissan Altima!! :) We probably aren't going to get a brand new car (my DH is a teacher!) but I would love to hear your suggestions, experiences, etc about what type, where to look, etc. You guys are the awesomest (lol - yes I know that's not a word) group of people on the planet and i want advice!!!! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sale Time!!

That's right! A new sale starts tomorrow!! And, best of all - I have a new kit coming out on Tuesday that will be going straight to the store so for the first week it's out it will be on sale!!! Come check it out!! And speaking of school, I've got a school themed kit coming out the week after. Lots of fun stuff!! Click on the flier to take you to my store!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Strawberry Fields QP

LOL - ok so i'm working on TONS of stuff right now trying to get stuff ready for you while I'm out having my baby!! :P Just wait until you see it all - but for now I got your Strawberry Fields QP! Hope you enjoy it - 3 sizes as usual :)
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Here's my beautiful little girl Anna showing off the QP!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strawberry Fields Alpha

Today I've got the alpha for you. Now you've got the whole thing - I'd love to see any LO's you do with it! LOL - so i've said this all along, but only ever had one person show me their stuff!! So what I want is for you guys to send me links to your LO's and I will select one person to win a 50% off coupon to my store. You guys have one week to get your LO"s to me - This will close on August 20th at Midnight - ish Email me the link at

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strawberry Fields Elemetns

Alright - tonight I've got your elements for this fun kit. I've also finally got my CT's LO's posted here so you can see what amazing stuff they did with this kit!! Anyway - enjoy the elements!!

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Christie Dawn

Also tomorrow is a speed scrap as Stuff to Scrap! I can't find the picture of the PP right now, but trust me - it's WAY cute!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Strawberry Fields

Ok -this week I have a collab for you!! Makda and I have come together to give you this fun, girly kit called Strawberry Fields.
Here's my part:

Here is Manda's, Click the image to go to her blog and grab her part.
Here's what you get today - the lovely papers! I 've got 2 parts for you - the patterned papers and then a set of worn solids.
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Ok - it's really late and I'm really tired - but my CT had done some AMAZING stuff with this kit - so I'm going to come back tomorrow and add their LO's and the SBM links.... Night all and Happy Scrapping!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kites and Bikes

Ok, I've been working my tooshie off to get your freebie done for next week!! SO YOU BETTER LIKE IT!!!!! :P ummmm... ok so anyway, I CT for the amazing Manda K of Nibbles Skribbles and she and the equally amazing Steph of Scrappy Cocoa have teamed up to bring you an AWESOME kit. The kit is called kites and bikes and it can be found at Stuff to Scrap. Here are the previews - the colors are TONS of fun and it's an awesome boys kit. Here's Manda's Part.
And here's Steph's Part
Best of all for this week only you can get both parts for a GREAT deal!!
I got to play with this fun kit and ended up doing a LO of my cute little girl with it. Stop by later and maybe I'll get around to making it into a QP! :P (haha we'll see if I get everything else done....)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Route 66 Collab

Hey all!! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a wonderful vacation and I've got TONS of plans - you will probably end up seeing TONS of pictures, and scrapbook LO's and I'm even going to torture you with pictures of some of the things that I did while I couldn't connect to the internet or get to my desktop!! :) However right now I'm in recovery mode!! LOL - need a break from my vacation! Can I just say one thing though.... I LOVE MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the one thing that I truly miss whenever I go away. I hardly slept the whole trip - came home and slept like a baby (as much as any prego lady does!!)

Ok - first thing that I am behind in posting is the previews for the incredible Mega kit over at Stuff to Scrap. Check out this AWESOME kit!! First of all this is HUGE - second it is perfect for all those road trip pictures!! It's called "Route 66" (haha I was singing this song the entire month of July!! :)

Not only is this kit tons of fun, but there is also a Brag Book album you can snag. Check this out! Need a quick and easy way to rememebr your trip? - this is it! Drag and drop your pictures and print it out for a fun little book to rememeber your trip by!
Just click on the images to go to the store and grab these awesome deals!