Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been Scrapping!

Heehee - well it's the last day of the month and I finally got around to doing some of the awesome challenges at STS this month - So in no particular order....

This one was for the Song Lyric Challenge - the song chosen was the theme song from the Adam's Family! Heehee - anyway - the layout was done using Little Monsters by Nibbles Skribbles. :)
This one was for the Motto Challenge - I just so happened to have the perfect pictures for it! This was done using a template from Chrissy W and the kit is About a Girl by Charm City Scraps
This lo was for the template challenge and is using Blessed by Color with Caryn. Hee hee - my little girl is soo cute!
and this one was for the Quote challenge. I used a template from Pimp my Page and the kit I used was Little Miss by Scrappy Cocoa
Ok - lots of fun stuff next month... LOL - Tomorrow!!! Sooo not ready for the holidays!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Chances!

Ok y'all - this month is almost over - so hurry and grab my Fall grab bag before it's gone for good - remember - all pieces are QC'd by the amazing gals at DSO - so it's all high quality. Heehee - I'm getting super excited for next months grab bag - I've been working on it for awhile and it's all ready to go!!

Also - last chance to grab stuff on sale at my DSO store which closes at the end of the month

Finally - last chance to guess my new store for a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to my new store!
Heehee - that's lots of last chances! Take advantage of these opportunities before they are gone for good!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smell my Feet

Smell my Feet by Scrappy Cocoa, Lightning Bug Creations and Let Me Scrapbook is the Deal of the Day today at the Studio - You can grab the kit for only $1.75 or the whole bundle for only $3.85!!

I got to play with this fun kit - check me out in my cute little bunny costume!! LOLOLOL

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gallery Stand Out

Check out this incredible layout I found in my gallery at Stuff to Scrap. This layout was done by Briannascrapper and it's just stunning! She made it using my kit "My Little One"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In with the new.... and a contest!

Well as my time at Digi Scrap Obsession comes to a close - I am excited to announce that I am opening a new store... and hopefully I won't curse this one! LOL - so if you want a chance to win - leave your guess here as to where my new store will be! :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Kit and a Winner!!!

"When old midnight comes around" I LOVE this old song and if you have never heard it - you can click here to go watch a video of the great Ella Fitzgerald singing it. It's not a Halloween song at all - but when thinking of a name for a more mature Halloween kit it just seemed to call to me (and then get stuck in my head!) Oooo she just gives me the chills!

Now for the winner - the actual total of elements in the kit is 31 - so our winner is BestKeptMemories - email me for your coupon code! Make sure you all are signed up for my newsletter (on the right) to grab the add on for free - the newsletter will be going out tonight!

Now - my store at DSO will be closing at the end of the month and some of the stuff there may be going forever - so be sure to snag it while you can get it! And for the rest of the month, you can get it for 30% off!

So with no further ado - I present "Round Midnight" Here are the pieces you can grab - or you can snag all the PU stuff for one low price with the bundle HERE Also the kit and the bundle are on sale for this week only for 25% off!

Check out what my CT did with the kit - the did an awesome job showing off the versatility of the kit!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sneak Peek and a game!

Heehee - I've got a new kit coming out next week, and I've got a sneak peek for you! This kit is a little bit Halloween, a little bit spooky and a lot bit of awesomeness :) So do y'all want to win this kit??? Well - leave a comment with your guess as to the number of elements in the kit

Friday, October 15, 2010

CT Stuff

Ok - I've got some stuff to show you from Nibbles Skribbles and Scrappy Cocoa - First of all - Nibbles Skribbles has a new kit out called A-to-Z and it's awesome! It's an awesome school time kit - or a fun anytime kit! And best of all - it's the Deal of the Day over at the Studio - which means that you can get it for a ridiculously low price!! And this kit has tons of fun add-ons which she is offering a coupon for. So snag the kit and all its pieces HERE
heehee and my layout of course! Picture drawn by my 5 year old - and there's a whole story that goes along with it - it's CUTE!
Also - Scrappy Cocoa has a collab out with some of the other Studio Designers - This great Halloween kit is tons of fun! Grab it HERE
and my layout - and yes that is me.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun Printable Project

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can't help but think of all the YUMMY fall recipes I have collected over the years. Last weekend - we made an apple crisp with some of the fresh apples from our apple tree - and I ALWAYS look forward to my Grandmother's special Pumpkin Chiffon Pie (mmmmmmmmmm). This is also the season for warm yummy soups! LOL - have I made you hungry yet? This fun and easy printable project is a set of recipe cards and a recipe card box. Want a quick gift - a way to give family recipes to your grown children - a keepsake collection of those recipes that make your mouth water? This project is perfect! Just print out the printable sheets - cut them out, fold and glue - it's really that easy (trust me - if I can do it - anyone can!) You can print out the box with the label on it (as shown in pictures) or blank to add your own label. This fun project was made with Fruits of Fall - which you can also grab and easily make your own cards! Look for a blank template coming soon! Click on the image to go snag this at my store!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Stuff and Big Changes

I've got some new stuff and big changes going on around here - plus I'm working on a Halloween kit for you (lol - that will hopefully be done a bit earlier than last years...)

I've also got a new thing I'm working on. I have some grand plans for it. Eventually I'd like to get all sorts of tutorials for digital scrapbookers on there - along with lists of links to sites to help digital scrapbookers out. For now - all that is up there is a tutorial for beginner digital scrapbookers in photoshop - that goes through the basics of adding papers, cropping pictures, adding embellies and shading. I plan on doing more in depth tuts on the techniques involved in digital scrapbooking - and I would love your input as to what you would like to see there - so here is a link to the site, and please leave comments as to what you would like to see!

Heehee - that's it for now - just know that big things are coming!!

Site is HERE

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pick ur Bits and a new Grab Bag!

If your here for the blog train - just scroll down to the next post! It's a new month - which means a new Pick ur Bits at DSO and a new grab bag! (finally!) This months Pick ur bits is a beautiful feminine kit called Bosom Buddies. You can snag my bits HERE

Check out what my CT has done with my bits - they are awesome!

And now the new grab bag! 4 Fall themed CU products - for one low price!

Grab it at STS or DSO