Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Kit and a Winner!!!

"When old midnight comes around" I LOVE this old song and if you have never heard it - you can click here to go watch a video of the great Ella Fitzgerald singing it. It's not a Halloween song at all - but when thinking of a name for a more mature Halloween kit it just seemed to call to me (and then get stuck in my head!) Oooo she just gives me the chills!

Now for the winner - the actual total of elements in the kit is 31 - so our winner is BestKeptMemories - email me for your coupon code! Make sure you all are signed up for my newsletter (on the right) to grab the add on for free - the newsletter will be going out tonight!

Now - my store at DSO will be closing at the end of the month and some of the stuff there may be going forever - so be sure to snag it while you can get it! And for the rest of the month, you can get it for 30% off!

So with no further ado - I present "Round Midnight" Here are the pieces you can grab - or you can snag all the PU stuff for one low price with the bundle HERE Also the kit and the bundle are on sale for this week only for 25% off!

Check out what my CT did with the kit - the did an awesome job showing off the versatility of the kit!

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