Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookies for Santa - and Scrapping Time!

Yep - that's right - I've been scrapping! LOL - what better to do after the kids are in bed than scrap some of the pics I've taken this holiday season!! These first two are a two pager from our evening decorating Christmas cookies. They were done with "Cookies for Santa" by me - don't forget you can still get this kit at Hummie's World by completing the 6 challenges. But only a few days left!! Also don't forget to pick a challenge from last week and leave me a comment with your link - I will choose 5 winners next week (lol - when i get around to it....)
These next two are another 2 pager from Christmas morning - I used my kit "Christmas Joy"

Merry Christmas and Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Freebie Day 7

Hmm - i ran out of ideas... and I'm feeling really lame for having missed my own speed scrap... - so for today I've got day 7 download and check back tomorrow for a little bonus.... also if you showed up for the speed scrap and want to whack me over the head now - do one of the challenges here on my blog and I will send you the same participation prize - any of the ones from this past week - then link to them in the comments and email me and I will send out links that you would have gotten for the Participation prize.

**hey gals - Lori just let me know that she gave instructions and y'all did a speed scrap - I will be sending out the prize to those who participated in the forum - but remember you can win a free kit if you play here too!

**These links have expired! Coming to my store soon!***

Please leave a note if you stop by! Merry Christmas All!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Speed Scrap!

I'm hosting a Speed Scrap today!! This evening in the STS chat room - show up for fun and an AWESOME prize!

For your prize, I have created this exclusive alpha that coordinates with "Christmas Joy"
But - did you miss some of this awesome free download on my blog??? Don't despair! I am also giving participant the opportunity to snag any pieces of this kit that they may have missed!!!

Challenge- a-Day and a Freebie 6

Well we are getting close to the end! Just today and one more day! Today's challenge is a Use-It Challenge! Basically I just want you to use everything in Today's download! You can use any additional stuff that you want - but you must include today's download! Ummm it's late so scroll down a post or two for rules :) Here is a LO done with the kit by Kim from my CT enjoy and snag your download!

**These links have expired! Coming to my store soon!***

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Challenge-a-day - and a Freebie Day 5

Another day, another challenge and freebie!! Today's Challenge is a Recipe Challenge - basically I'm going to give you a list of things to include on your layout and you do a layout with those things - and those things only!

Here's your Recipe!
- 3 Papers - 2 plain and one patterned
- 1 Border
- 2 ribbons or strings
- 1 tag
- 1 flower (or similar)
- 3 other elements of your choice
- 1 Word Art
- date and journal
- LOL - yes and a photo!!

This was also done using "Imagination Creation" by Studio Flergs and Stolen Moments Designs.

And the next part of your freebie! Did you miss the chat earlier? Well you can check it out HERE there are freebies to be had - so go check it out!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Digi Scrap Map Chat

Just a reminder about the chat tonight - there will be freebies and prizes and coupons - tonight - click on the flier to go to the digiscrap map site. Hope to see you there!!

Challenge-a-day - and a Freebie Day 4

Ok - today's challenge is a Template Challenge - basically I give you a template and you use it! Remember - next week - I will be giving out 5 coupons to my store to people who participate in these challenges - each layout earns you 1 entry (or 2 if you use one of my kits!) Upload your layouts to your favorite gallery and put a link in the comments. I will choose the winners after Christmas weekend! So here is your template (well here is the LO that I made the template from... :) I used "Cool Pool Party" by Modern June. Download the template HERE or HERE
And of course the next part of the kit! Snag them before the links disappear! Each will only be left up for a day or so - if you have missed a piece - watch my blog for a chance to grab pieces you missed!
These links have expired - check out how to pick up pieces you may have missed HERE!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Progressive Scrap Winner!

Ok the winner of last week's progressive scrap is makeyesup! Check out her fun layout! Email me for your coupon code!!

Digi Scrap Map Chat

Hey guys- come chat with me and get freebies and prizes!

**heehee - i feel kinda silly - yes - this is PM ***

Challenge-a-day - and a Freebie Day 3

Ok - today's challenge is a Font Challenge - The font I chose isn't too flowery or seasonal - but it think it's an easy one to use. I also happen to really like it! :) I used it in both the title and the journaling. Remember - participating in any of the challenges this week will enter you for a chance at one of 5 gift certificates to my store!

The font is called Cafe Rojo and it's by Kevin and Amanda - you can find it HERE

Here's a LO I did with it - It was made with "Romantic Fantasy by the team at Digital-Crea.
And your next bit to the kit!
These Links have expired! The full kit will be in my store soon - if you missed a day - watch my blog for information on how to get what you missed!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Challenge-a-day - and a Freebie Day 2

Today's challenge is a scrap lift! Here is your layout - it's made with "Imagination Creation" by Studio Flergs and Stolen Moments Designs. I LOVE this kit - I've already done 2 layouts with it and I will be doing many more! It's easy to work with and very FUN! So your challenge is to scraplift this layout - be inspired by it and make it your own! - Then upload your layout to your favorite gallery and leave me a link! I will choose a winner after Christmas (lol -when ever i get around to it) and all of these challenges will be open until then!

Now on to your freebie! Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter - there may be additional freebies to go with this kit in my newsletter :)
Day 2 HERE or HERE

If you snag it - leave a note! Merry Christmas and thanks for spending some of it here with me! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Progressive Scrap - Day 7 - Final Day!

Ok - lol - i know 2 steps in one day... ooops :) Ok - final step! And don't forget to check out the other posts! As usual you have until Monday morning to get your layouts in. Upload them to the gallery of your choice and the leave a link here in the comments of this post. If you missed a couple steps, just click the "Progressive Scrap" label at the bottom of this post and it will bring up all my progressive scrap posts. Next week (since I'm guessing most of you aren't going to be getting layouts to me on Christmas weekend) i will be doing a challenge a day - this way if you have a spare moment this week for scrapping - you can pop in for some inspiration. You can do any of these challenges any time between now and when i choose a winner after Christmas weekend. I will be choosing 5 winners next week - and each lo you complete will get you an entry!

Ok... STEP 7 - Add a date, finishing touches and a title - the title should use 2 alphas OR be word art. :)

Progressive Scrap Day 6

Ok - Step 6 - sorry this is late in coming - I have had tons of things going on - including concerts that I am singing in, cookies to make, houses to clean, freebies to make and speed scraps to plan!! I'm trying to auto post a lot of this - so i don't have to stress over it - but i messed up! LOL - i didn't realize I hadn't gotten the links up for the first day of freebies either!! oh well... :P

STEP 6 - create a small cluster - duplicate it and put them both on the layout.

Challenge-a-day - Day1 and a Freebie

Ok - since I'm guessing y'all might be a bit busy this next week - instead of doing a progressive scrap - I'm going to have a Challenge-a-Day all this week, Each day this week I will post a challenge here along with a piece of a kit (that hopefully i will have finished in time to give you the last pieces...) :) If you have time to scrap - pop in for some inspiration and fun - stop by each day to snag the whole kit.

Challenge of the Day - Today's challenge is an ad challenge - there are so many great ads out around Christmas time. I saw this one at Target and thought it looked like a fun LO - so your challenge is to be inspired by this LO - doesn't have to be exactly the same - just be inspired by it. :) Leave a link to your LO in the comments.

I will be giving out gift certificates to 5 people for Christmas - each LO will earn your entry into the drawing - if you use my kits (where applicable) you will earn an extra entry. Scrap those Christmas Pictures!!

And here's my layout - LOL - i kinda departed from it a bit - but really i just kinda liked the three stripes - now you take whatever part of it you like and make the layout your own!

Now if you are like me and are just now getting around to scrapping your Thanksgiving pictures - this LO was done with an awesome kit by Pixiemama Designs called Bountiful Blessings

Here is the kit I will be giving out this week - each piece will only be available for a day or so - so be sure to stop by to grab all the pieces. I was too lazy to make up individual previews - but trust me - you want all of them : )

This link has expired - coming to my stores soon!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 5

I'm am getting soo excited for Christmas and yet sooo nervous that I won't get everything done in time! LOL - so what am I doing here? Well what can I say...I'm addicted. :) So today I've got step 5 for you - if you are just getting here - be sure to click on the "Progressive Scraps" label at the bottom of this post to quickly find the rest of the steps. After all - you get an awesome layou, a freebie and one lucky winner will get a free kit! So on to step 5!

STEP 5 - Ok - remember those papers and stuff we cut up earlier? Well - take the rectangle and place it on your layout somewhere going off the side - then place the patterned papers and picture on top of it some how - here's the catch - the picture and papers should not be touching each other.

Check this out!!

Kk - you gotta check out what Hummie did with my kit "Cookies for Santa" Go HERE to see this awesome project. Also - also you can find out how you can earn the kit for free!

Snow Day Speed Scrap

From Dana of AmyDane Scraps

*SNOW DAY* Speed Scrap at STS! 12/16/10 @ 2pm PST / 3pm MST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST

Hooray for snow days! We had a lot of ice where I live last night and school was called off, so since I am not as busy as I was scheduled to be, I thought a surprise, unscheduled Speed Scrap would be fun. Join Amy and I for the Speed Scrap later this afternoon and get our ABC QuickPages and 4x6 Template Pack as the participation prize. Here’s the preview:

ADD_ABC_templateqppreview (600 x 600)
Hope you see you in the Speed Scrap forum later!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 4

Yey - time for step 4 and a freebie - ok - so here is probably the most complicated step... :) If you have questions feel free to ask in the comments - I will modify this post to answer them.

Ok - STEP 4 - For this step - i want you to put a border (you can use the ones I have provided, or you can use one of your own) in two places on your layout. You can use the same one twice - or two different ones. In the download - I have included 3 different sizes of each style.

This link has expired!

Also if you are just finding us - please play along - one lucky person will be selected to win a free kit from my store!! If you click on the 'Progressive Scrap' Label at the bottom of this post - it will bring up all the progressive scrap posts - including all the steps from this progressive scrap!

Also if you like these little freebie - let me know! - or if you have something you would like to see- let me know too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 3

Another day - another step! Be sure to check out the other posts for all the other fun things that are going on in my world.

STEP 3 - take those papers - put a plain one as your back ground - cut the other plain one into a very wide rectangle. Cut the patterned ones into smaller squares or rectangles.

Challenge at Hummie's World

Along with all the other fun stuff going on at Hummie's World this month - I am also hosting a challenge there - check out my quote/song lyrics challenge HERE. Also be on the look out for more exciting stuff - also be sure to sign up for the Hummie's World newsletter for more freebies!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 2

Step two is an easy one also. Hopefully this will make this a bit easier during this crazy season.
Remember to scroll down to find the first instruction and there will be a freebie later this week - so don't go too far!

STEP 2 - Choose 4 Papers - 2 plain and 2 patterned

Winner - finally!

ok - I've finally gotten around to getting the winner chosen for this week. Today has just been crazy! This week's winner is makeyesup with this LO. You gals all did AMAZING layouts. Be sure to come back and play again! Makeyesup please email me for your coupon code at Click the image to leave her some love!