Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Afternoon Delight

LOL - I can't believe that it's October!!! First of the month is always a bit busy - this one is no exception! So here is the first of a couple posts and the first of a couple freebies!! Here is the STS forum Blog Train - I was a bit forgetful (gee wonder why???) and didn't post the preview in time to get on the blog code, but I'd already made the mini kit - so you get it anyway!!! :)

****This is now available in my store*****

Ginger even managed to do this beautiful LO for me!!LOL - here are the links for all the other beautiful parts!

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The Results

Well, I guess I'm just not SASsy enough!! LOL - That's right - I was not one of the three winners chosen. :( The three ladies that were chosen are fabulous however and I wish them the best of luck! Congrats ladies! The competition being over however means that soon these fabulous kits will leave freebie land and head to stores - so grab them while you can - mine will go tomorrow!!

Also a quick reminder that today is the last day to BUY MY STORE and use the coupon - so make sure you grab that and get it all for one LOW price! :)

Thanks for all the sweet comments and help in the voting! It really means alot to me!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Umm - October Road I think....

Wait... which kit am I supposed to be giving you this week??? I'm so lost!! :P Sooo here are the elements for October Road... ooo i need to go to bed... ok - Come back tomorrow for the alpha and after 6 pm tomorrow I will get the results of the competition. Then Thursday I'll have a QP for you (i think) and Friday we have a Brag Book Blog train coming your way! Oh yeah and the Forum Blog train on Thursday....

*****These Links have Expired! This kit can now be found in my store*****

Round 4 Submission

Hey everyone - I got it done!!!! Finally!! I was up WAY too late last night and spent most of the morning getting this done - and there are still elements that I wanted to make and didn't get done. Anyway - make sure you go snag this awesome freebie and all the other awesome freebies over at the forum. Here are all the previews so you can see the whole kit-n-kaboodle!

Voting this round will be done by the SAS designers only - but THANKS for all your support and kind words! You guys are awesome!! Wish me luck!

go HERE to download!!

Also be sure to check out my store this week - I'm the featured designer this week at Stuff to Scrap and so my whole store is on sale for 30% off!!

October Road Solids

LOL - ok y'all - I'm busting my backside to get my submission done for tomorrow!!!! So - no time to chat - gotta make freebies for you!! :) LOL - stop by tomorrow to see what I've been doing! In the mean time - here's the next part of this fun collab!

*****These Links have Expired! This kit can now be found in my store*****

Sunday, September 27, 2009

October Road

I LOVE music!!!!!! In most of it's forms. :) These last two kits have set me to singing every time I started working on them. The last one is probably more well known, and certainly more easy to identify. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..." was echoing through my head for awhile!

This weeks kit is more obtuse. The song that keeps running through my head is called "When October Goes" and unless you are a big Barry Manilow fan you probably don't recognize it. Anyway- here's your freebie kit for this week. Hope you enjoy it. This is a threebie freebie with The Scrappy Kat and Growing Pains Scrapped. Not onl y are you getting a HUGE kit with tons of fun stuff- but we will be doing a brag book blog train on Friday - so you can hop around and grab a full brag book to use for all those wonderful fall pictures, then hand out as Christmas Presents! :)

Anyway - here is my full part - scroll down and check out the LO's my CT did with it and then grab the papers at the end and don't forget to pick up the other parts!

Glenda (haha - using pics of Kim's cute kids!)

Christie Dawn

And here are the papers. There will be some plain papers tomorrow, so be sure to stop by! :) Also I hope to have my Submission for the SAS-y lady competition finished in the next couple of days, so look for that too!
*****These Links have Expired! This kit can now be found in my store*****

Now go snag the other parts

The Scrappy Kat

Growing Pains Scrapped

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm a Finalist!!!

YEY!!! I'm a finalist in the SAS-y Lady competition!!!!! I have moved on to round 4!!! THANK YOU to all those who voted for me - you ROCK!!! And best of all? - That means another free kit for you all!!! .... Oh goodness!!!!!!!!! Where am I going to find the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL - by the time this month is over I will have released 6 full kits, 3 mini kits - and a bunch of CU overlays!! Holy moley!!!! Haha - I may have to take it slow next month!!!

Thnaks again y'all!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's my Party QP

I've got your QP today - hope you enjoy!! (haha - too tired to be chatty - it will have to wait til r=tomorrow!!) :)

*****These Links have expired. This kit can now be found at my store!*****

It's my Party Alpha Freebie

Ok - a bit late on this post, but right now my days are all kinda melting together! Hard to tell the difference between days when I don't get to sleep through the night. :) Anyway - here's the alpha for this fun kit - hope ya like it!

Today's the last day of voting for Round 3 so be sure to head over there and vote for me!!!!!!! VOTE HERE

*****These Links have expired. This kit can now be found at my store!*****

Also we have a Speed Scrap today at Stuff to Scrap. This one is hosted by Nicole and the PP is awesome!! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's My Party Elements

Got the elements for you guys today! This kit is packed full of fun stuff! If you had trouble getting the plain papers, scroll down - I added links that split the file in two because it was HUGE! LOL (oops) Anyway - have fun with the elements and don't forget to VOTE FOR ME!!! HERE

*****These Links have expired. This kit can now be found at my store!*****

Vote for MEEEE!!! please! :P

hmmm - kinda a busy day here... anyway - voting is starting for round 3 of the competition- so snag this freebie add on then head over to the SAS forum and vote for meeee!!!!!!!!! Then scroll down to snag the plain papers for my latest freebie kit "It's my Party"

Download the Add on HERE

Vote for me HERE

keep scrolling down for more fun stuff!!! :)

Stuff to Scrap Sale

We are a having a Fall sale. Here in Texas we have been enjoying all the rain and cooler weather (haha - meaning that the highs are in the 90's instead of over 100!) My kids LOVE playing out doors, but the summer heat here is too much - so they love this time of year when they can get outside and play!

Stuff to Scrap is having a store wide sale to celebrate the beginning of fall - so go snag some great stuff at cheap prices!!

Also - last years Fall kit "Fall Splendor" has been marken down to $2.00 for two weeks - after which it will retire forever!!!

It's My Party

Today I've got the plain papers that go with this fun party kit! Snag them and come back tomorrow for the elements!!

*****These Links have expired. This kit can now be found at my store!*****

Earlier today my 4 year came up to me and told me that she thought her baby sister wanted make-up on too (she had been putting her play make-up on) when I found her she had sparkly lips and purple eyeshadow!! click on the pick to zoom in for the full effect! LOL

Monday, September 21, 2009

OOpsies Daisys!!!

LOL - ok I was totally supposed to have this up last night!!!! :) I guess my brain hasn't returned yet!! Anyway - I've got a fun collab freebie for you this week! This collab is with Jewell of Mad Genius Designs. It's a fun birthday themed kit with tons of bright colors and fun elements!

Today you get the patterned papers - check back tomorrow for some plain papers and the next day for the elements and... well you know the drill!!
Here is the full preview for my part. Check out my CT's Layouts and the grab the papers!

Here's Jewell's Part - click on the image to go to her blog and snag her part!


Here's the paper preview... I didn't even manage to get the packaging on it, but oh well...they are still cute!!!
*****These Links have expired. This kit can now be found at my store!*****

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Round 3 is Here!!!

I've got my Round 3 Submission finished. I will probably have a small add on for you, but I'm struggling with this color set - so it may not be much... then again...we'll see! So here it is and voting will start on the 22nd.
Go to the SAS forum HERE to get it free!!

Heehee you are all so sweet!!! I've discovered that with the help of shortcut keys, I can design and scrap one-handed! :) So here is a cute little LO I did (using New Life by me - which you can still grab for free if you go back a few posts) of my oldest daughter with her new baby sister.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! Our home is now one person fuller than it was 2 days ago! On September 16th at 11:59 am, our little girl Evelyn was born! She was 7 lb 2 oz and 19 inches long. We are both doing great and are very happy to be home!

Here she is, decked out to go home in the cute little outfit I made for her!

And in honor of me getting home and wanting to catch up, here are some freebie photo masks to go with Whimsy Flyte. Be sure to pop into the store and check out the beautiful kit!
Download HERE

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sneaking in....

Hey everyone! Mandak of Nibbles Skribbles here, just sneaking in to make a post while Deanna is away HAVING A BABY!!!! (Those of you here for my CT's blog train will have to stop back next week to pick up De's part :))

I wanted to remind you of some fun stuff De has going on right now, and to ask for your help. While she's he-he-he-hoo ing let's go shopping! Babies are expensive and I think a few extra dollars would go a long way!

De has a Buy My Store sale going on right now - it's a great deal with lots of great stuff!

She's super-woman and even though she knew she'd be having a baby in the middle of the contest, she's still trying to win the SAS-y lady contest. It's my job to let her know on Friday if she's made it to the next round or not and I DO NOT want to deliver bad news - so.....go VOTE! Scroll down a few posts to see her contribution to the contest and pick up a freebie (or two or three) too!
So, after you buy her store and vote for her be sure to leave her some LOVE and congratulatory messages! This lady is about to become momma to a FOURTH little one!
We ♥ you De!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Heehee- ok so instead of getting everthing set up tonight - I went out for a birthday dinner with a bunch of friends! :) Unfortunatly for you that means that you will be having Flower Scraps withdrawls for the next couple of days.

It's 11pm here - and I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to go have a baby! wish me luck - go grab my old freebies and don't forget to vote!!! And I will get some of the things I have planned up for you when I get back. Along with pictures and other fun stuff!!

Y'all ROCK!! Until Friday or so!

Time to Vote again!!!

That's right - Round 2 is now up for voting!! So go vote for me and grab this fun add on to a fun kit! Also check back tomorrow for some more goodies!! I got lots of stuff planned - but somehow I need to get it together before tomorrow night because my induction date has been moved up!!!! AHHHHHH - yep - my doc needs to leave town on Thursday and so now I am being induced on Wednesday. So while I have LOTS of plans, some may just have to wait until after.... :)

Download the Papers HERE
Download the Elements HERE

Go to the SAS forum HERE to vote!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Whimsy Flyte

LOL - ok so it's going to get a bit crazy around here! This is going to be an insanely long post with TONS of fun stuff in it including freebies and sales!!!

Haha first of all - there are bunches of freebies coming your way this week - between my new kit and the SAS competition there's going to be stuff going on most of the week. Think it's hard to keep up!?!?!? - HAHA - I know the feeling - hopefully I get this all ready for you before I have my baby on Thursday!!!! LOL

Ok - first up I have a collab with Steph of Scrappy Cocoa. This gorgeous shimmery kit is a MUST HAVE if you are a girl, if you are related to a girl or just know a girl!! Tons of fun embellishments and papers and best of all it's on sale for this week only!!! So grab 'em while they are cheap!!!

Here's my partAnd here's Steph's
Love my part of this kit and all my other kits??? - get EVERYTHING in my store for the low price of $20 - including Whimsy Flyte and my newly added CU overlays!

YEY - today is my birthday!! And it's a biggie! Today I turn 30!! I've been alive for 30 years - so you get 30% off anything in my store!!!! Including the new kit!!

Next up I'm going to show off what my CT did with this kit! They just totally ROCKED it! So check out their work - grab the freebie down below and then head over to my store to grab the rest of the kit!!!

and last but certainly not least Christie!
Here are the plain papers that go with the kit - if you purchase the full kit, these are already included in the download. Also there will be QP's later this week - sometime... I hope.... :P Download HERE