Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sneaking in....

Hey everyone! Mandak of Nibbles Skribbles here, just sneaking in to make a post while Deanna is away HAVING A BABY!!!! (Those of you here for my CT's blog train will have to stop back next week to pick up De's part :))

I wanted to remind you of some fun stuff De has going on right now, and to ask for your help. While she's he-he-he-hoo ing let's go shopping! Babies are expensive and I think a few extra dollars would go a long way!

De has a Buy My Store sale going on right now - it's a great deal with lots of great stuff!

She's super-woman and even though she knew she'd be having a baby in the middle of the contest, she's still trying to win the SAS-y lady contest. It's my job to let her know on Friday if she's made it to the next round or not and I DO NOT want to deliver bad news - so.....go VOTE! Scroll down a few posts to see her contribution to the contest and pick up a freebie (or two or three) too!
So, after you buy her store and vote for her be sure to leave her some LOVE and congratulatory messages! This lady is about to become momma to a FOURTH little one!
We ♥ you De!


Kim said...

Hooray for babies!! And De, you really are superwoman!

Nita said...

Congrats!!! I voted...for you of course!