Sunday, September 13, 2009

4Shared Problems!!!! Please READ

Ok - so what I'm hearing around scrap land is that 4shared has been hacked (which doesn't surprise me after all the issues i was having yesterday - just ended up having DH do a system restore for me) I would be VERY wary of downloading anything from 4shared right now. Even files that were perfectly clean when they were uploaded by the owner could be infected by these hackers! I am looking into alternatives because I have TONS of freebies for you and I don't want to encourage downloading of something that I can't guarantee is safe! Hopefully I get this figured out today - because tomorrow is a HUGE day!!! I've got LOTS of fun stuff for you and lots of SALE stuff for you! So please be careful and come back tomorrow!!

I'm now in the process of moving all my freebie files over to file saver - while this way costs me a bit more (haha - not much but anything is more than free!!) it's worth it to me to be able to guarantee that what you download from me is safe. Please be patient with me though as I get them all moved, as it takes LOTS of time to upload that many files!! :P


Stefani M. said...

Thanks for the info. Had someone on my blog post lat night that the link wasn't working. I posted your post on my blog. Don't you just hate how one person (or a few) can just ruin it for everyone?

PaintCrazy said...

Thank you for posting this. I still can't explain why but I've never felt comfortable downloading from 4Shared even though I've done it plenty. something about making me wait 40 seconds so I can stare at their ads probably!