Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Results

Well, I guess I'm just not SASsy enough!! LOL - That's right - I was not one of the three winners chosen. :( The three ladies that were chosen are fabulous however and I wish them the best of luck! Congrats ladies! The competition being over however means that soon these fabulous kits will leave freebie land and head to stores - so grab them while you can - mine will go tomorrow!!

Also a quick reminder that today is the last day to BUY MY STORE and use the coupon - so make sure you grab that and get it all for one LOW price! :)

Thanks for all the sweet comments and help in the voting! It really means alot to me!


Renae Downey said...

I LOVED your kit. The colors were awesome! Hey being considered as a finalist isn't all bad :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Brooke said...

Personally, I'm shocked!! I love your kits and your design style!! You did a great job on your parts, and with a brand-new baby to boot! You definitely have more gumption than me :0)

kladle said...

Well, they do not know sassy then! You are definitely sassy enough! I thought for sure you'd have it in the bag! I was rooting for you!!