Sunday, December 5, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 1

Ok - I don't know about you guys - but I'm having tons of fun with these!! I LOVE seeing your layouts! Plus they are making me get creative with my own layouts (at least once a week - even if I use templates for most of my other LO's!!!)

If you are joining us for the first time, here's the deal
  • I will give one instruction each day - all week - 7 total.
  • You follow the instructions and create 1 awesome layout.
  • Upload your layout to the gallery of your choice and link to it in the comments of the final day blog post.
  • If you use one of my kits, then you get 2 entries in the draw for a winner
  • I will draw a winner when ever I happen to get to it Monday morning (usually between 9:30 and 10:00)

As usual I like to start with the pictures - I always choose my pictures before I choose anything else (lol well except for CT duties, and even then I am more likely to choose pics and then hope i can find a ct kit that works!) I also like giving you guys a bit of wiggle room so that you can make your LO look as awesome as possible. So with no further ado....

STEP 1: Choose 3-4 photos - they should be a mixture of horizontal and vertical pictures (I hope this makes sense - I want some to be taller than they are wide and some to be wider than they are tall)

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