Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Progressive Scrap Day 4

**Stefani asked if the pictures have to be totally on the circles - they don't - they should be mostly on the circle - but they can poke off the edges. And they can touch each other as long as they are also on their respective circles :) ***

We have made it to step 4 - remember that you get an extra entry if you use my stuff for your layouts - and if you scroll down a bit - there are freebies you can use!

Step 4: Take one of the pictures and frame it and place it over the larger circle. Take the other picture - shrink it and place it on the smaller circle. If you have a third photo - cluster it with on of the other two.

1 comment:

Stefani M. said...

Can the pictures be touching/overlapping? (I'm assuming that they don't have to be entirely contained in the circle. Correct me otherwise.)