Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookies for Santa

BIG NEWS - I've teamed up with Hummie's World this month for lots of FUN stuff!! First of all - I created this kit just for all the fun stuff going on. Check out what's going on, and how you can earn this kit for free!! Also watch for newsetters and more information on getting other pieces free! :) Also don't forget to check out the progressive scrap!! Also follow me on twitter for updates and info!


Dawn @DigiScrapFun said...

I am SO thrilled that you agreed to work with us this month! I'm excited about what the month will bring! This kit ROCKS!! Thank you!!!!

Hummie said...

I've been working SO hard the last 3 days! You wouldn't believe what it takes to do these classes behind the scenes. I've got it all caught up and will be putting your info on my blog soon.

I'm trying to find my super woman cape.

I seem to have lost it!