Thursday, August 26, 2010

My First Day

LOL - ok, somehow I managed to get a kit done and to my CT before we packed up to move - and now that I have my computer back up and connected to the internet, it's time to show it off and give y'all a freebie!! Here's the full kit - called My First Day, since my oldest daughter just started Kindergarten this week... and no I didn't cry.... barely... :) So check out the kit and all it's trappings - then check out what my CT peeps did with it, and don't forget to snag the freebie!
And of course - the freebie! Snag this fun add on - free for one week only!!

Also - you can grab the PU bundle at a discounted price HERE


makeyesup said...

Cute kit and thanks for the addon. Now, when do we see your layouts for this red letter day?

Jennifer said...

Really cute kit! Love the add on, too! Thank you.