Tuesday, August 17, 2010


LOL - well my hubby and I just found out that we will be moving to Colorado - this week.... as you can imagine my life has gotten a bit INSANE! I have a kit that I've just finished and I'm working on figuring out a release date - I gotta get it to my CT and then hopefully I'll get my DH to set up my computer FIRST THING when we get there so I can get the kit (and your freebies) up and ready! and maybe if I get some time tomorrow I'll get a sneak peak for you! :)


Beth H said...

nooo you cant leave texas!!! LOL hope you like the cold :P have a safe move D!

NanaScraps said...

ah you are moving to my neck of the woods...where in CO are you moving to? there are more sunny days in Colorado and there is very little humidity...you are gonna love CO..funny.. Stacey from Staceys Scraps lived in CO and moved to Texas