Friday, April 9, 2010

My cute little Girl!!

Heehee - this has nothing to do with anything - but I gotta show off my cute little baby girl! We took her in to get 6 mo pics today (ok so she's almost 7 months - but hey - I figure with 4 young kids I'm doing all right!) And look at her SHE'S SOOOO DANG CUTE!! We did them at J.C. Penny's and this was one of the 'enhancements' that they do (lol which I would never pay for since I can do them myself easily) which come with the email service they offer. Aren't those cheeks just soo pinch-able!


Anita said...

She is a cutie. You could just pinch those cheeks.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Deanna, she is just as precious as can be and I cannot believe this is the FIRST time I am seeing her!

You are a VERY blessed Mommy!

Have a SWEET weekend with your PRECIOUS family darlin'!

Linda :D

makeyesup said...

Sweet, so cuddable. Love the semi smile, she looks like she thinks a lot. Too bad she can't tell you what it is she is pondering.

Cherbear said...

She is a cutie!