Monday, February 15, 2010

Lullaby and Goodnight

The next thing I have for you is a new kit with lots of trimmings!! This fun kit was inspired by some of my baby girls PJ's and made to use with all my puctures of sleepy kids! The color pallet is great for boys and girls and the kit has lost of cute hand doodled elements! I am so proud of my cute little doodles!!! So here is the full kit - all images are clickable!!

You can also snag the coordinating cardstock in all 7 major colors!

I've also got some cute photo masks for you made with the brushes I made for this kit!

Speaking of Brushes....I took all my doodles and made the CU friendly for you - this pack contains the png files, an abr brush pack and a csh custom shape pack! It contains 10 high quality brushes, ahapes and pngs

Finally, i made some awesome baby blanket textures. These are all 3600 x 3600 dpi. One of these textures is even taken from a blanket that I crocheted for my baby. :)

What are you waiting for!!! - Also look for some awesome layouts from my CT, and some freebies coming your way!

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knittinjen said...

love it - pretty angels in all kindsa colors, and i GOTTA get that CU sheep!