Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthday Party Day 13

One of the most fun parts about doing this has been going back and playing with some of my older kits - I have loved almost every kit I've ever made - but I have to admit that I do have favorites - and this is one of them - I made this kit when I fell in love with the colors and I have loved it ever since - and getting to go back and do this fun cluster has made me fall in love all over again - I love the colors and the cold, glittery elements - and I love this cluster - I hope you enjoy it too!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cluster - love the colors!
Thank you very much.


Stacey said...

beautiful cluster! thank you! Happy Birthday!

Pam K said...

Thanks for all the freebies you have been sharing ... this cluster is absolutely beautiful!!

Kyla Fleischmann said...

GORGEOUS!!! How do I get this kit????