Thursday, September 12, 2013

Birthday Party Day 12

Just 2 more days until my birthday - and my hubby is throwing me a party tomorrow night - LOL - but I think I just got one of the best birthday presents ever!  I got a sweet - huge birthday/get well card from my daughter with a picture of a GIANT birthday cake on it!  And some sweet hugs and kisses to go with it!  Enjoy today's little gift!  

Thanks for playing along with the Scavenger Hunt - all participants have won something - I will contact you with your prize in the way you contacted me (so if you emailed me - check your inbox - if you messaged me on FB - check your FB messages!)  These will go out sometime today - sigh whenever i manage to get on my computer and the coupons made!  Join me later this week for more games and prizes!  


De said...

Doesn't look like the Birthday Party Day 12 is linked? Beautiful cluster that I would like to use.

Deanna said...

link is fixed now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful cluster and for the gift certificate that you sent me!!


Stacey said...

thank you for the wonderful clusters! happy birthday! hope you are feeling better!