Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scrappin Stuffs

These first two are using a new kit from Scrappy Cocoa called "Lil' Dude" And NO I do NOT give my baby energy drinks - it was an empty can and my hubby thought it was funny....

Oh -this first one is also using a template from Scrappy Cocoa's Lil Dude Template set.

And if you want the story behind this picture.... well - this is how my son walks when he has messed his diaper.... sigh....

This is from Nibbles Skribbles "First Birthday" - a great kit for kids birthday - it's great for boys or girls - though my layout is decidedly girly :)

This one is using "My Widdle Girl" by Nibbles Skribbles

This is the boy counterpart - "My Widdle Boy" also by Nibbles Skribbles. This is another template from Scrappy Cocoa from her "Clustered" set.

Haha - well Happy Scrapping!!

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