Thursday, October 23, 2008

A CU Freebie!

I've been having some fun making bows and trying out different ways to make them in the hopes of figuring out a way to make an action that would make a bow. I have not figured out the action yet, but in the process, I have managed to make some bows that I think look pretty good, so I am going to give them out here as commercial use templates. Each of these will include a layered psd template file and also a .png overlay file. Having never used any program other than photoshop, I don't know how useful this will be to all you non-photoshop users, so let me know if it is worth doing! Hope you like my bow and if you use it in a kit or something I would love to see it, and would gladly link to your site to show off how you have used it!

Also, don't forget to vote! The month is coming to an end and I'm getting excited! There will be a November Desktop coming next week, and at the start of November, ADSD has a huge blog train again and I'm VERY excited about my part!! My 3 year old daughter has been watching me make stuff for it, and she keeps looking over my shoulder saying "oooh that's pretty mommy!!" (makes me feel good!) So come check out this awesome collaboration on November 1st!

Download HERE


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