Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's Discover: Space

Human kind has always been fascinated by space and the wonders and mysteries it contains. I loved learning about the planets as a child and I love watching my kids have the same fascination and enjoying museum exhibits on space exploration and how far mankind has come in our understanding of the cosmos. This kit captures the wide-eyed wonder that is found in children all over as they look at the stars and wonder what is out there.  

This kit is perfectly timed as we eagerly look forward to the New Horizon photos and data about Pluto.  It is amazing to see what the human race is capable of when it looks to learn and discover!  It is amazing to think that we have waited over 9 years for this mission to come to fruition!  

Turn your eyes to the stars with this fun kit and be sure to like me on facebook for some fun quotes to use as you scrap your pages with it!  

Here are some amazing layouts done with the kit by CT members.  Snag this fun kit now for 35% off!

And a wonderful freebie for you - courtesy of Kabra.  Enjoy!!

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Stacey said...

the kit is excellent! thank so much for the matching cluster!