Saturday, April 20, 2013

New CU

I have a bunch of fun new CU products in the store that you  need to check out if you haven't yet - I have found as a designer that I LOVE shapes and styles - it allows me to give my kits a unique look that doesn't look like everyone else's stuff - but still with ease - so that is what this is.

Tabbed is a fun set of tab shapes - clip papers and embellishments to create fun and cute tabs for your scrap kits or layouts!  

My Sequin Brushes are a fun set of dynamic brushes - these make great scatters and I've included both the single sequin brush and a scattering brush - create fun sequins in fun shapes and great scatters with ease!  These work especially well with the plastic styles - make your scatter and add the smallest plastic style for a great little scatter!

Splatters - these fun messy splatters just need a fun style to make them a great element in a kit - the plastic styles also work great for this!  

Speech Bubbles are a fun element to add to your kit or layout!  There are all sorts of ways to have fun with these!  I have made them large to add versatility - use them for a journaling element in a kit or as part of another element - just add paper or a style for a great, unique element! 

Bordering on Bubbles is a fun set of borders -these are great for so many things - add these as a fun border in your scrap kits or grab the set for using on your layouts - so many fun bubbly borders! 

Finally - my new favorite set of styles!!  These plastic styles come in 4 different sizes - for small - large elements - it also comes with the same styles that are darkened around the outside for a slightly different look - but the best part about these styles is that they are TRANSPARENT!  which means that you add them to ANYTHING - a shape, a doodle, a frame, whatever - and the color or picture of the item shows through - add some realistic depth to your elements with this fun set of styles!

Grab these at my stores! 

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