Monday, August 27, 2012

Help and Win!

I have been working on a new kit and would like some help with it.  I am working on a kit that is all about my kids and their ability to make a HUGE mess!!!

I want to know what you say to your kids when they are in trouble!  Leave your suggestions and I will suggest one lucky suggestion to win the kit when it's finished :)


Pabby said...

Here are a few I use with my grandkids.

What were you thinking?

I want to meet "Not Me"!

See what happens when you don't obey!

Deanna said...

Pabby that cracks me up!!!! My daughter told me today that there are monsters that come into our house and break stuff!!!

Lyndsey Graham said...

"You are pluckin' on my last nerve!" & "You make me tired ..." are my two favorites :o)

LemonaideLinda said...

A simple "Uh Oh!" when they were little and "The time-out corner says Hello" when they were older.

NanaScraps said...

Wait till your mother gets home!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't make me count to three..
Wait till your Dad gets here..
No !