Thursday, September 2, 2010

Check this stuff out!!

OK - so I am totally in AWE of the amazing ladies I design with at DSO, and recently I did some shopping!!! So i want to show you some of the amazing stuff you can find there! But first, I want to remind you that ALL the stuff there goes through rigorous quality testing there - no strays, no fuzziness, no jaggies, all high quality print resolution. So when you buy kits there - you know they will print out well, when you buy CU stuff there - you know that it meets all the industry standards - and your customers will not be disappointed. With that in mind - check out some of the amazing stuff you can snag there!
LOL - in no particular order..
Color with Caryn has an amazing line called "Overlay Essentials" - and they are! They are stunning overlays that will add wonderful texture to any papers. There are lots of different sets in the line - including, Grunge, Fabric, Cardboard, and Wrinkles - and everyone is a MUST-HAVE! Here's a peek - Click here to go to her store and snag some of these!

I also grabbed some stuff from GS Creations - she makes the MOST amazing templates - like this adorable set of pirate stuff! - there are 4 sets in all - and they are on sale this week!!
Click here to go to her store and snag these awesome templates

There is TONS more awesome stuff - lol - but since some of it is a kit that i HAVE to scrap with - I will show it to you once I have a LO to show off too :)

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Caryn said...

Deanna! I'm way late, but I wanted to stop in and say thank you for saying such nice things about my overlays <3 It's good to have you on board!