Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Fun Stuff

YEY - Round 3 is up and going at Stuff to Scrap! We are now down to 20 Contestants and I'm sooo excited to see what they are going to do this week. They have been told to create kits that are inspired by a quilt I am making! (heehee - no I'm not much of a quilter - but I just have this need to try everything and have 50 different projects going at once...)

Here's a pic of my quilting attempt - I have it pieced and ready to be quilted (and no I'm not doing that part my self - sooo not that talented!!)

Also I have to put in a plug for my sister-in-law. This lady is just SOOO talented!! She sent the CUTEST little things to my kids for Christmas!!! She sent these to my girls and they just adore them - but my FAV stuff that she does are these little back pack buddies!! SOO CUTE!!

Anyway - you can check out her stuff HERE and HERE. She ROCKS!!

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Michele said...

You underestimate yourself! I think the hardest part of quilting is the sewing it together! lol And you have done that beautifully! Or you can make it even easier on yourself and just tie it!!! lol