Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun stuff!

I'm going to make good on a couple promises/threats that I made earlier - I told you that I would be making you look at some of my non-scrapping projects and that I would be doing more scrapping at the end of this month. Well - this is both.... :)
This Layout is of my new baby's blessing. If you look at her pictures, at the dress she is wearing, well... I made her dress. I didn't really know what I was doing - I didn't have a pattern which was kinda scary... and I did most of the skirt while I was in labor.... :P It was a good distraction!

This was done with "Nature's Music" by Scrappy Cocoa


Stefani M. said...

How fun!

At first, I thought, how in the world could you work on the dress while in labor, but then I remembered hearing that you're induced--so you've got A LOT of time at the hospital. (My hospitals labor's are a bit more whirlwind.)

Kim Sandling said...

That is a beatiful little dress! You are so talented!

I sewed my daughter's blessing dress, but it was with a lot of help from my MIL and my daughter ended up looking like Queen Victoria in the dress! Oh well, must have more girls to redeem myself!

IvoryKeys said...

Great job! The dress is beautiful!

Michele said...

Pretty dress!!! Great job on both the dress and the LO!